JUST IN: An announcement was just made about cancer-stricken Arizona Senator John McCain that has many fearing the worst for him.

Arizona Central reported that the senator’s daughter Meghan McCain said that there is no timetable for his return to Congress as he continues to battle a highly aggressive form of brain cancer. Though she floated the possibility of him returning in the summer, she did not sound too optimistic about it.

“I wish I had an exact date, but I just don’t,” Meghan said. “I am very cautiously optimistic about the summer, yes.”

McCain was diagnosed with a glioblastoma last July, and he was hospitalized in December for a viral infection as well as for side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. He has remained in Arizona since December 17.

Meghan, who is a cohost of the ABC talk show “The View,” gave the update on her father’s health during an interview with KTAR’s “Mac & Gaydos” program.

“As everyone knows especially with this cancer, you have to take it scan by scan, but he is doing really good, much better than I think people anticipated,” she said in the radio interview. “He’s doing very well and I feel very lucky that he is doing so well.”

Last month, Meghan had made another excuse for his absence from Congress when she said that this year’s brutal flu season were helping to keep her father in Arizona. She explained that with his immune system weakened, “everybody is worried about him getting the flu.”

Last week, Meghan and her mom Cindy shot down rumors that McCain was planning to resign.

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