BREAKING: Rosie O’Donnell reemerged this week to run her big mouth about the NRA (National Rifle Association), but it didn’t end well for her, as Dana Loesch immediately fired back with an epic smackdown.

Mad World News reported that it all started when NRA TV announced that they would be giving Loesch her own television show. The announcement included an ad in which Loesch called out everyone in the news and entertainment industry for the lies that they constantly spread, saying that their “time is up.”

This announcement “triggered” Rosie, as she immediately went on the attack. Ever the class act, Rosie wrote on Twitter, “f*ck off dana.”

However, it quickly became clear that Rosie was terrified of Loesch, as it was revealed that she had blocked her at some point in the past. Loesch called her out for this when she responded to her, writing, “If you’re going to call me the C word and continually type profanity to me @rosie, at least have the courage to not [do] it from behind a block. God bless.”

Clearly humiliated, Rosie then sunk even lower when she called out Loesch for her skills as a mother, writing, “[W]ell dana – i have no interest in talking to u – in listening to u – in engaging with u – look at ur life woman – jesus christ on the cross,” she wrote. “[H]ave u no soul? u have 2 kids and u whore urself out for the HRA – GOD ALMISGHTY dana – think about ur life (sic).”

Loesch took the high road at this point,  writing, “I never saw it because she curses me out from behind a block. Sorry @Rosie that you can’t accept women who think differently from you,” she said before adding, “God bless.”

Rosie quietly unblocked Loesch in a clear attempt to save face. That’s when the comedian made her most deranged comment yet, writing, “i cant accept a woman who is the mouthpiece of a terrorist organization –

Once again, Loesch was not having any of it.

“Nothing says “let’s have an honest and logical discussion” like accusing millions of innocent people of being terrorists because you disagree with them on 2A,” Loesch wrote.


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